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Lamp Removal Tool
LRT Lamp Removal Tool
MB400-X24-1AL1 LED Annunciator Retrofit Lamps Single SMT
MB400-X24-1AL1 MB400-X24-1AL1 LED Annunciator Retrofit Lamps Single SMT
BB4 Replacement for GE ET-16 Lens
BB4 BB4 Replacement for GE ET-16 Lens
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All of our products are warranted against defects of manufacture for 3 years from date of purchase, providing they have been subjected to normal use and service. Any replacement will be made at no charge except for necessary shipping charges. Returns shall be effected as follows: (1) call factory for return authorization number, and (2) return products with authorization number prominently displayed, postage prepaid, to DDP Engineered LED Solutions at the address listed. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and does not extend in any way to consequential or incidental damages, including injury to persons or damage to property. The terms of this warranty may not be amended, altered or extended except by an instrument in writing executed by an officer of DDP Engineered LED Solutions.